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Beer and Pubs: Past, Present, and Future

Since the Middle Ages, people have been drinking beer, meeting friends, and trading gossip at the local tavern. Even renowned anthropologists acknowledge the vital social role played by these timeless drinking establishments.

This website seeks to pay tribute to beer, pubs, and the interesting people who frequent them. Here, readers will find insightful articles about numerous topics related to beer, from Britain's most time-worn watering holes to the best places to enjoy a pint today.

Anyone with a passion for beer, from ale connoisseurs to committed pub-crawlers, should be sure to regularly visit this site, where they'll always find something to "wet their whistle".

Snake Venom: World's Strongest Beer

4 Apr 2021

The UK brewing legend, Brewmeister, introduces the strongest beer in the world, Snake Venom. To know how powerful an alcoholic beverage is, we look at the alcohol content. Most liquors such as whiskey have an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 40%. Snake Venom's ABV reading? 67.5%!

Beloved Beer 1000+ Years Old

7 Mar 2021

Who says the old needs to go? People in the past made excellent beer. The ancient Babylonians, for one, took beer brewing seriously. So it's no surprise that beer (particularly, craft beer with an ancient spin to it) of more than 1,000 years old is beloved by many.

Oktoberfest and People's Love for Beer

2 Feb 2021

Want to celebrate your love for beer and meet kindred spirits? Then get ready to experience the world's largest beer festival, Oktoberfest. Visit Munich, Germany, in mid (or late) September. And there, you'll find yourself in a stampede of folks who want the same thing; beer!